About Nicol

about nicol sayre

Nicol Sayre's art is reminiscent of a by-gone-era when much pride was taken in creating things by hand. Each doll and figure is a one-of-a-kind creation. Sometimes Nicol follows a certain theme but each doll has a different expression and vintage elements which give them their unique personality.

Nicol has a passion for antique dolls, toys and sewing and household implements. It is from these collections that she draws her inspiration.

The mid-1800's is Nicol's favorite time period and her dolls reflect the styles and colors of this era.

The handwork in Nicol's art is intentionally evident, from handstitched hems to a thumbprint in a sculpted figure. She likes to imagine the pioneers who may have admired dolls and toys in shop windows and then set out to create their own entirely from materials at hand.